village of aurel

4 km from Reilhanette, 5 km from Sault, Montbrun les Bains, Ferrassières, 10 km from Aulan, 13 km from Brantes, Mévouillon, 14 km from Poët en Percip

GPS: Longitude : 5.296667 E - Latitude : 44.695 N
Population: 158
Altitude: 800 m

church aurel ventouxA hill village in the Sault country amid mountainous and wild landscapes (streams, corn and lavender fields…). Beloved by artists, it came into being from the Hospitaliers de Saint Jean de Jérusalem and the hospital they founded. The castle like the church was already recorded in the 12th century.

To see and to visit: the twelfth century church Sainte Aurèle and ruins of the castle from the same epoch.
Suggested activities: walking, riding and mountain biking.

Festivities: festival last Sunday of July. Local fair on July 14th.