village of entrechaux

5 km from Malaucène, Saint Marcellin lès Vaison, Beaumont du Ventoux, Saint Romain en Viennois, 6 km from Puyméras, Mollans sur Ouvèze, Mérindol les Oliviers, 8 km from Vaison la Romaine, 9 km from Propiac

GPS: Longitude : 5.138611 E - Latitude : 44.218056 N
Population: 877
Altitude: 284 m

perched vault entrechauxA village overlooked by its castle built on a rocky outcrop, it stands where the rivers Ouvèze and Toulourenc meet. The history of Entrechaux is told by its caves, tools, fishing accessories and flint arms, some of them 80 000 years old.

To see and visit: the ruins of its 11th century feudal castle and the 12th century parish church of St Laurent.
Suggested activities: walking, riding, river fishing and rock climbing.

Festivities: local fair 2nd Sunday of July. Grape harvest celebrates 2nd Sunday of September.