village of mazan

5 km from Modène, Malemort du Comtat, 6 km from Mormoiron, 7 km from Crillon le Brave, Venasque, 9 km from Carpentras, la Roque sur Pernes, Bédoin

GPS: Longitude : 5.129444 E - Latitude : 44.058056 N
Population: 5500
Altitude: 197 m

A village between the mountain range of the Vaucluse on the south and of the Mont-Ventoux on the north, it is on the river Auzon. There is evidence of scattered but sustained dwellings on the hills from prehistoric times.

church of mazan

To see and visit: 12th and 15th century Chapelle de Pareloup, Allée des Sarcophages (Alyscamps), Château de Sade (privately owned), Museum of history and folklore.
Suggested activities: walking, bicycle touring, mountain biking, fishing and riding.

market of mazan