village of savoillan

5 km from Brantes, Reilhanette, 8 km from Aulan, Plaisians, 11 km from Sault, 12 km from Mévouillon, Eygaliers, Ferrassières, 13 km from la Roche sur le Buis

GPS: Longitude : 5.373611 E - Latitude : 44.180279 N
Population: 80
Altitude: 512 m

A little village in the heart of the Toulourenc valley at the foot of the north face of the Mont Ventoux. Fragments of Gallic sculptures (bestiaire salyen) have been found in the area.

To see and visit: the 16th century Ferme Saint-Agricol that is now an agronomic experimentation centre, specialising in the study of lavender and other scented plants, (there are over 200 species of mint for instance, of plants and vegetables. A classical parish church, the Saint-Agricol, an ancient modified priory. A botanical trail.
Suggested activities: fishing, mountain biking.